Histamine receptor assays

Unique histamine receptor screening assays
Recently it has become clear that for histamine receptors of various species significant differences exist with respect to ligand binding and receptor activation. At the histamine H4 receptor, close analogues within the same chemical series often display the entire spectrum of functional activities ranging from full agonism to antagonism and inverse agonism.

Griffin Discoveries offers comprehensive in vitro profiling of compounds that allows for a better understanding of observed compound behavior in vivo. Compound profiles for ligand binding and receptor activation can be generated for all histamine receptors of human, mouse and rat. Profiles for some of the receptor subtypes can be generated for monkey, dog and guinea-pig histamine receptors as well.

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Histamine H1R assays

ID# Species Receptor type Type of assay
GDH11 Human Histamine H1 Binding assay
GDH12 Human Histamine H1 Functional assay
GDH13 Mouse Histamine H1 Binding assay
GDH14 Mouse Histamine H1 Functional assay
GDH15 Rat Histamine H1 Binding assay
GDH16 Rat Histamine H1 Functional assay
GDH17 Guinea pig Histamine H1 Binding assay
GDH18 Guinea pig Histamine H1 Functional assay

Histamine H2R assays

ID# Species Receptor type Type of assay
GDH21 Human Histamine H2 Binding assay
GDH23 Mouse Histamine H2 Binding assay
GDH25 Rat Histamine H2 Binding assay

Histamine H3R assays

ID# Species Receptor type Type of assay
GDH31 Human Histamine H3 Binding assay
GDH32 Human Histamine H3 Functional assay
GDH33 Mouse Histamine H3 Binding assay
GDH34 Mouse Histamine H3 Functional assay
GDH35 Rat Histamine H3 Binding assay
GDH36 Rat Histamine H3 Functional assay

Histamine H4R assays

ID# Species Receptor type Type of assay
GDH41 Human Histamine H4 Binding assay
GDH42 Human Histamine H4 Functional assay
GDH43 Mouse Histamine H4 Binding assay
GDH44 Mouse Histamine H4 Functional assay
GDH45 Rat Histamine H4 Binding assay
GDH46 Rat Histamine H4 Functional assay
GDH47 Guinea Pig Histamine H4 Binding assay
GDH48 Guinea Pig Histamine H4 Functional assay
GDH49 Monkey Histamine H4 Binding assay
GDH410 Monkey Histamine H4 Functional assay
GDH411 Dog Histamine H4 Binding assay
GDH412 Dog Histamine H4 Functional assay

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