Business Development

Business Model
Griffin Discoveries develops and commercializes a portfolio of GPCR drug candidates for the treatment of several inflammatory disorders. The development will be pursued to a point that clear proof of principle has been demonstrated in animal models and the candidate compounds will be ready for use in Phase I clinical studies. Subsequent development will be achieved through out-licensing of the drug candidate, in collaboration with a partner from the pharmaceutical industry or by raising venture capital for further development through the clinical stages up to  Phase II.

Cash flow and short-term value will be generated through GPCR service contracts and drug discovery collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry and biotech companies. Long term value is created by the progress of Griffin Discoveries’ in-house discovery programs.

Investment Strategy
Griffin Discoveries is currently looking for investors to support the further development of its pipeline, containing its most advanced H1R/H4R dual-action antagonist program for ocular allergy. Read more.