Chemokine receptor assays

Chemokine receptors in drug discovery

Chemokines are a family of small proteins that play an important role in leukocyte trafficking, immunity and inflammation. These chemokines, or cytokines, bind to a group of GPCRs known as the chemokine receptors. The chemokine system is large and complex but despite this difficulty the first small molecule chemokine ligand, a CCR5 antagonist, has reached the market. With a grand total of 19 members, the chemokine receptor family provides significant untapped potential for innovative drug discovery efforts.

Chemokine radioligand displacement assay

ID# Species Receptor type Type of assay
CCR51 Human CCR5 Binding assay
CCR52 Human CCR5 Functional assay
CXCR21 Human CXCR2 Binding assay
CXCR22 Human CXCR2 Functional assay
CXCR32 Human CXCR3 Binding assay
CXCR32 Human CXCR3 Functional assay
CXCR41 Human CXCR4 Binding assay
CXCR42 Human CXCR4 Functional assay
CXCR72 Human CXCR7 Binding assay
CXCR72 Human CXCR7 Functional assay

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