Welcome to Griffin Discoveries!

Griffin Discoveries is a drug discovery company that combines a strong medicinal chemistry background with a long track-record in molecular pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). We build on over 30 years of experience with histamine and chemokine receptors. Griffin recognizes the opportunities and therapeutic potential of these two receptor families and develops a pipeline of innovative drugs for therapeutic areas with unmet clinical need.
Medicinal Chemistry Solutions

We offer services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry ranging from compound profiling against our panel of unique histamine receptors to GPCR assay development, to medicinal chemistry programs. Our approach is flexible and tailored to customer needs. Different arrangements are possible to work either on a fee-for-service basis or FTE funded collaboration.

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Research and Development

Griffin develops a portfolio of small molecule drugs that target histaminergic G protein-coupled receptors. Current in-house discovery is comprised of selective histamine H4R antagonists for vestibular disorders and a unique histamine H4R/H1R dual-action antagonist program as a novel therapeutic strategy to treat ocular allergy.

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